Welcome to Puppy School Northants, and thank you for visiting my website.

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You can rest assured when you come to Puppy School Northants you are coming to a place with professional, up to date knowledge and skills on how to train your pup using kind and effective methods.


I am accredited with the National Animal Behaviour and Training Council which means I meet their standards of knowledge and practical skills as a dog trainer. I have been trained by dog behaviourist and trainer   


I am an advocate of modern reward-based training and building a positive relationship with your puppy. I run small, fun and friendly puppy classes, and deliver training on an individual basis, and since COVID19 I have moved all this to an online service. I was initially hesitant about how online training would work for puppy training but I have been amazed at how effective it is.  I really enjoy working with owners and their puppies and seeing them flourish week on week.  My previous career as a management consultant gives me a lot of experience of training people and I apply that experience in delivering my puppy services.


I have always loved dogs and had them in my life. I’ve known the joy, upheaval and early mornings of new puppies; the devotion of a rescue dog I had for 15 years; and the fun of walking, training and playing with young and adult dogs.  I’ve volunteered for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People assisting in training dogs prior to their assessment and for the Cinnamon Trust walking dogs for people when they are ill and unable to care for their dogs.  


In my online classroom you can be assured of a warm welcome and friendly environment where you will learn positive and effective methods to train your puppy. Let me help you build that positive relationship with your puppy today!


I look forward to hearing from you