Make the best start with your puppy with my puppy training classes &1-2-1 training, all online. 

With clear instructions I show video demonstrations and provide LIVE coaching & feedback to you as you practice in your own room. Yes you can train in your slippers!


The video below shows the journey of my first online course and the amazing results you can achieve with online training.



Over 100 puppies have now joined me in my online classroom and I continue to be amazed at the success of online training. 

Do come join us and see for yourself!

Professional and experienced

Classes are taught by a fully certified Puppy School tutor who is accredited with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. This ensures all classes meet high national standards.



Invaluable lessons for my puppy. Heather was really easy to talk to and encouraged questions, video clips of training and puppy play sessions where appropriate. If you do one good thing for your puppy, let it be puppy school! Working with dogs and puppies I can vouch for how important these early sessions are.

Alice, with Nova the Cocker Spaniel